Shinhwa’s Moon Jeong Hyeok, “Will carefully choose next role shortly”

2006-08-19 13:14:45 2010-11-24 11:05:09


Shinhwa member Moon Jeong Hyeok (Eric) (Super Rookie) who has been involved with recent talks of double contract disputes has entered a thinking period.

Having been discussed as the main character of ‘Sweet Guy’ and ‘Mooojeokeui Nakhasan Yowon,’ Moon Jeong Hyeok has been stressed emotionally in regards to the adverse criticism about a double contract dispute.

Moon Jeong Hyeok’s agency, Good Entertainment Media Group, commented on the 14th, "Eric received a casting request for ‘Sweet Guy’ from Opus 101 Productions and has had in-depth discussions regarding the character. However, Moon Jeong Hyeok received another casting request recently from LK Production that produced drama ‘Super Rookie.‘"

Furthermore, Good Entertainment Media Group also mentioned that the production company of ‘Sweet Guy,’ Opus 101, is considering delaying the production due to the size of the project, casting and other preparations.

In regards to the LK Production’s request, Good Entertainment Media Group commented, "The decision whether to accept the role in ‘Moojeokeui Nakhasan Yowon’ will be made soon as it is scheduled to be aired on September 9th."

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