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Glass Slipper DVD (SBS TV Series, US Version)

Will Cinderella find her way home? Starring Kim Hyun Ju (Marry Millionaire) and Kim Ji Ho (Law Firm), Glass Slipper tells the story of two long-lost sisters whose fates intertwine in the most surprising of ways. Broadcast in 2002, the drama garnered phenomenal ratings in Korea and won over audiences all around Asia, becoming an instant classic.

Orphaned as children, sisters Yoon Hee (Kim Hyun Ju) and Tae Hee (Kim Ji Ho) encounter one tragedy after another, with only each other for support. On one fateful day, the two lose each other in a crowded market. From that day on, their lives go down starkly different roads. Yoon Hee loses her memory in an accident and gains a new name and life with an adopted family that treats her poorly. Tae Hee is discovered by her wealthy grandfather and goes on to a life of luxury and privilege.

After fifteen years of searching, Tae Hee finally finds her little sister – or so she thinks. Yoon Hee’s spoiled and conniving adopted sister Seung Hee (Kim Min Sun) poses as Yoon Hee in order to join the wealthy family, while the true Cinderella remains unaware of her identity. The cheerful and optimistic Yoon Hee, however, is happy with her life, especially with two romantic suitors at her beckoning: the mysterious Jae Hyuk (Han Jae Suk – All About Eve and Four Sisters) and the devoted Chul Woong (So Ji Sub – Something Happened in Bali and Sorry, I Love You). When the two sisters finally meet up, various misunderstandings cause them to become rivals. Will the truth be revealed, and is it enough to save their family? Glass Slipper takes you on an amazing fairy tale journey into the heart of life’s most important lessons.

Subtitles in English &Traditional Chinese
Published by YA Entertainment