TVXQ Tops Asian Groups on Oricon Chart

2006-08-23 05:05:39 2010-11-24 11:05:13

Aug 22, 2006

The boy-band TVXQ has been ranked the highest among Asian groups on the Japanese Oricon chart.

The group’s seventh single album, entitled “Sky,” which was released August 6, took the sixth spot on Oricon’s weekly single chart.

TVXQ’s agency, SM Entertainment, said the group was the first among Asian bands, excluding Japanese ones, to take the sixth spot on the chart and make it to the top ten.

”Sky,” a cheerful song appropriate for a summer atmosphere, has gained popularity in Japan after it was featured in a TV commercial for Baskin Robbins Japan.

Some 25,000 Japanese fans flocked to the group’s “Hi Touch” event held in Tokyo August 20, attesting to TVXQ’s popularity in the neighboring country.

Source: KBS Global