Japanese Newspaper Praises Song Gang-ho

2006-08-25 17:16:28 2010-11-24 11:05:15

Aug 25, 2006

A Japanese newspaper lavished acclaim on Korean actor Song Gang-ho, advising Japanese moviegoers to take note of any film with the actor’s name on its list of credits.

The Japanese daily Mainichi Shimbun said Thursday, "If there are two types of Korean actors popular in Japan, one consists of actors like Bae Yong-jun and the other of character actors like Song Gang-ho. Song is an actor who devotes himself to acting."

The Japanese newspaper reported, "Song played a wide range of roles from a soldier to a wrestler, murderer, barber and explorer. In particular, the movie ‘Memory of Murder’ served as a turning point for him. Recognized for his brilliant capability to portray various characters, his work schedule is booked tight for the next two years." The newspaper told movie fans to pay attention to any film in which Song appears.

The newspaper quoted the Korean actor as saying, "I don’t choose a work based on what message the film conveys. In a movie, the director’s worldview is what counts most for me. So I decided to appear in the films ‘Host’ and ‘Memory of Murder’ with only a rough sketch of the movies’ storylines, since I learned that Bong Jun-ho would direct them."

Song told the Japanese newspaper, "I don’t like monster movies and the plot of the movie ‘Host’ was utterly strange. But I decided to appear in the movie since I trust director Bong."

Source: KBS Global