Park Hyun-bin Becomes First Trot Singer in Thailand

2006-08-25 10:36:48 2010-11-24 11:05:14

Aug 22, 2006

Up-and-coming artist Park Hyun-bin will become the first trot singer to debut in Southeast Asia, including Thailand.

Park’s agency, Inwoo Production, said August 22 that GTT Networks, a Thailand-based firm that imports South Korean cultural content, had imported the singer’s song “Parapapa” last week.

Inwoo Production also said that once the song is introduced in Thailand in September, it will become the first trot-genre song to debut in the Southeast Asian market.

Park’s debut in Thailand became possible thanks to the soccer World Cup in Germany. “Parapapa,” which Park performed many times during the World Cup, was introduced to the CEO of GTT by its staff members, and GTT later requested Park’s music video and recorded song from Inwoo Production.

Park recently announced his new album entitled “Gondremandre” and will visit Thailand in October to launch a promotional campaign.