Lim Jung-hee to Debut in United States

2006-08-26 07:12:40 2010-11-24 11:05:12

Aug 25, 2006

Singer Lim Jung-hee, known as a street artist, has suspended her street performances to prepare for her debut in the United States.

Lim’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, said August 25 that Lim has had her hands full preparing to advance to the American music market.

Lim will give her last street concert August 27 near Hongik University in Seoul.

Lim, who debuted two years ago and has staged more than 50 street performances, drew some 1,000 viewers every concert.

Lim recently released her second album and has been busy making appearances on and hosting various radio and entertainment shows, showing off her witty conversational skills.

Lim’s agency said that in the future, the singer will stay away from entertainment shows to concentrate on music to ensure a successful debut in the United States.