Lee Min-woo Named PR Ambassador for Chinese Music Show

2006-08-31 07:07:32 2010-11-24 11:05:17

Aug 31, 2006

Lee Min-woo, a member of the band Shinhwa, has been named PR ambassador of the Chinese music show “M. Music Club,” produced by Chinese production firm Enlight Media. Lee will participate in the opening show of the program and a news conference September 3 in a large studio of Enlight Media in Beijing.

”M Music Club,” which will air every evening for 20 minutes beginning September 10, is a result of a partnership with China Mobile, a subsidiary of the Chinese telecom service provider China Telecom. The show will introduce the best new songs popular in mobile media and events for artists and fans.

In the opening show of the program, Chinese singer CiCi will perform her song “Cinderella’s Magic,” which was selected the most recommended song of China Mobile in September. CiCi’s music video featuring and produced by Lee in May will also be introduced for the first time.

Enlight Media says the show is yet additional evidence that the Chinese music market has been transforming into a mobile market, just like Korea, and that the event, which Lee will attend as the only South Korean artist, will feature some 50 artists from Chinese-speaking regions whose songs have gained popularity via mobile communication means. Some 100 reporters from entertainment and economy-related media outlets will also attend the event.

Lee’s nomination as the show’s PR ambassador stems from his popularity in China as a solo artist and a member of the group Shinhwa. Shinhwa’s agency, Good Entertainment, said Lee’s fan base in China has expanded since the release of his second solo album early this year and Shinhwa’s concert in China in July, where he showed off impressive artistic skills and hidden talents. Another reason might lie in the fact that there are several letters “M” in the show’s title (Lee uses the nickname “M” as a solo artist).

Lee, who leaves for China September 3, said he was impressed by the enthusiasm of his Chinese fans during Shinhwa’s concerts in China and is excited to have an opportunity to visit that country again. He also expressed hope that the show will contribute to the development of the Chinese music market.

Source: KBS Global