Kwon Sang Woo’s “2006 Asia Promotion Tour” in Indonesia and Singapore on 9/2 and 9/3

2006-09-05 02:06:16 2010-11-24 11:05:21

9/3/06 – Kwon Sang Woo visits Indonesia and Singapore on 9/2 and 9/3 for his “2006 Asia Promotion Tour (2006 아시아 프로모션 투어)”.  On 9/2, he started his first tour for the cosmetic brand “The Face Shop (더페이스샵)” and more than 2000 fans of his attended the event at “Balai Sarbini Concert Hall (발라이 사르비니콘서트홀)” of Jakarta, Indonesia.  On 9/3, he is welcomed by more than 3000 Singapore fans at “Ritz-Carlton Hotel (리츠칼튼호텔)” in the fan meeting.


He also receives hot media coverage.  More than 60 reporters from Singapore news media including “Channel News Asia”, “Shin Min Daily News”, “I-Weekly”, “MTV Asia”, etc. attend the fan meeting.  In the morning program of “Channel News Asia”, KWS is mentioned as “The most handsome man of Asia”.  Some Singapore reporters give KSW a nickname “Mr. Tears” due to his role in the drama “Heaven’s Stair”.  During this tour, KSW donates 500 million Rupiah (~ 53 million Won) to a disaster reconstruction organization to help victims of the earthquake and volcano explosion in Indonesia.