Japanese Fans Flock to See Song Seung-heon

2006-09-11 17:22:58 2010-11-24 11:05:27

Sept 11, 2006

Thousands of Japanese fans of actor Song Seung-heon are expected to visit Korea to see their favorite hallyu star, who will be discharged from military service November 15. Reservations for Korea-bound flights from Japan are almost filled up for the given period.

Song will hold a fan meeting at the Olympic Park in Seoul on November 18 and 19. Some 9,000 foriegn fans of the actor who were lucky to obtain tickets to the meetings–winning a competition with odds of one in ten–will arrive in Korea at least a day early to see Song as soon as possible.

The majority of Song’s fans are from Japan.

Song’s agency said that hotel reservations are already filled up for the period when the actor’s fans are expected to arrive in the country, while domestic airlines are in talks to add flights between Japan and Korea during that period.

Source: KBS Global