Shin Seung-hoon to Tour 4 Countries

2006-09-14 23:17:27 2010-11-24 11:05:29

Sept 14, 2006

Singer Shin Seung-hoon, who will release his tenth album October 10, will launch a world tour of his concert program “The Shin Seung-hoon Show.”

Shin will give the first concert of his tour October 14-15 at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, and will tour five cities nationwide until the end of this year: Daegu (November 18), Gwangju (November 25-26), Busan (December 2-3), Ulsan (December 16-17) and Seoul once again (December 24-25).

In March and April, the singer will tour six Japanese cities–including Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka–and will visit Beijing and Shanghai in China in May before he leaves for the United States in June to perform in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Washington.

Shin’s agency is currently in talks with Taiwan and Hong Kong regarding staging Shin’s tour there as well. If the talks prove successful, Shin will spend the entire year performing overseas next year.

The purpose of Shin’s world tour is to publicize Korea’s performance practices and originality overseas. The singer’s agency, Dorothy Music, said the entire production crew in charge of planning, acoustics, lighting and stage setting will accompany the singer throughout his tour, instead of just temporarily hiring foreign producers and importing equipment.

The agency set up the production team back in March to prepare for the world tour, and introduced a new system to ensure that the tour operates without any glitches. The state-of-the-art system allows computer simulated testing of lighting, acoustics and stage settings, which could only be checked through rehearsals up to now. Dorothy Music said the country’s dignity will be put on the line during Shin’s tour, which will represent Korea’s performance practices.

Shin is confident in the success of his upcoming world tour. Last year, his concerts in Tokyo and Osaka were sold out and his Japanese audiences gave him rave reviews. The singer is poised to impress the world this time as well.

Shin’s Japanese fans, who were enraptured by his concerts in Japan, have already bought some 1,200 tickets to Shin’s upcoming concert in Seoul.

Source: KBS Global