Kang Dong-won to Appear in Lee Myung-se’s New Movie

2006-09-16 12:35:06 2010-11-24 11:05:31

Sept 15, 2006

Actor Kang Dong-won will once again work with director Lee Myung-se after appearing in Lee’s "Duelist" in 2005, which focused on physical acting rather than spoken dialogue. This time, he will appear in the romantic drama "M."

Besides these works, Kang played a convict on death row in "Our Happy Time," and a kidnapper in "His Voice," expanding his acting capabilities.

In "M," Kang will play Han Min-woo, a bestselling author in his late 20s trapped in a dim, mystic memory of love.

Shooting will start in late October with the aim of releasing the film around fall next year.

Source: KBS Global