Sung Yoo Ri and Hyun Bin lead the KBS2 drama “Queen of Snow (눈의 여왕)”

2006-09-19 02:07:42 2010-11-24 11:05:32

9/18/06 – On 9/18, the production company “Yoon’s Color (윤스칼라)” announces that Sung Yoo Ri (25) and Hyun Bin (24) will lead the drama “Queen of Snow (눈의 여왕)” scheduled to be aired by KBS2 around Christmas.  This drama attracts attention because the PD is Lee Hyung Min (이형민) who produced and directed the popular drama “I’m Sorry: I Love You” and the script writers are the duo Kim Eun Hee and Yoon Eun Kyung (김은희, 윤은경) who wrote for “Winter Love Song”.

SYR plays the role Bo Ra (보라) who behaves arrogantly and cynically like an icy princess.  She falls in love with her destined love Tae Woong (태웅, played by Hyun Bin) who lives in a third-class boxing gymnasium.  The filming team just returned to Korea after the initial shooting in New Zealand.   The PD Lee Hyung Min states, “Currently, the scenery in New Zealand is beautiful.  I am amazed by Hyun Bin’s performance in his transformed role.  I anticipate seeing what image SYR would present to TV viewers in this drama.  I believe that it would be an unquestionably big surprise.”  SYR’s previous drama was “One Fine Day” while HB’s was “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”.