Yum Jung Ah’s wedding will be held at Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel on 12/30

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9/15/06 – Yum Jung Ah (염정아, 34)’s wedding will be held at “Vista Hall” of Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel on 12/30.  The bridegroom will be Huh Il (허일), a doctor specializing in orthopedics.  They were introduced to each other by a friend on August 26th, 2005. 

YJA says, “He is a careful, humorous, and warm person.  We have heart-throbbing and happy feelings when we are together.  We’ll work hard for our marriage.”  Mr. Huh is 178cm tall while YJA is 170cm.  She was selected Miss Korea in 1991.  Since then, she has been performing in dramas “Our Heaven (우리들의 천국)”, “Legend of Ambition”, “Pure Heart”, as well as popular movies “The Tale of Two Sisters (장화, 홍련)” and  “The Big Swindle”.  Her new movies are “An Old Garden (오래된 정원)” costarring with Ji Jin Hee, “The Worst Man in My Life (내 생애 최악의 남자)”, and “Tom And Jerry (톰과 제리)”.