Cha In Pyo performs in the drama “Agent Zero (에이전트 제로)”

2006-09-21 05:10:48 2010-11-24 11:05:36

9/20/06 – On 9/20, the production company “Yellow Film (옐로우필름)” announces that Cha In Pyo (39) will costar with Son Yeh Jin (손예진, 24) and Sul Kyung Goo (설경구, 38) in the 24-episode drama “Agent Zero (에이전트 제로)”. 

The script is co-written by Kim Hee Jae (김희재) whose previous works include screenplays for movies “Silmido (실미도)” and “Public Enemy 2 (공공의 적2)”, Hwang Jo Yoon (황조윤, movie “Old Boy”) and Jun Chul Hong (전철홍, movie “Crying Fist”).  The filming is scheduled to begin in November and then will be completed before it is aired on TV.  The broadcasting time is scheduled early next year and the broadcasting TV station is undecided yet.