Younha Tops Online Music Charts

2006-09-26 06:36:16 2010-11-24 11:05:38

Sept 21, 2006

All the songs on the new album from singer Younha, who currently performs both in Korea and Japan, have entered domestic online music charts just three days after the album’s release.

Earning the nickname of “Oricon comet,” Younha introduced her music to her domestic fans via the Internet on September 18 by releasing her new album, entitled “Go! Younha.”

On September 20, the third day since the album’s release, all of the songs from the album reached top spots of online music charts. In the case of the music portal Web site Melon, all 13 songs from Younha’s album entered the top-32 of the J-POP chart, with “Motto Futarite” topping the chart, “Houkiboshi” taking third place and “Aioi Lemon” finishing ninth.

“Houkiboshi” (“Comet”), which also entered Japan’s Oricon chart, topped the J-POP chart of Cyworld for two days in a row on September 19 and 20.

The song “Orange-no Hatsukoi” (“The Love of Orange”) leaped from the 68th spot to 30th, while five of Younha’s songs from her new album ranked in the top-5 of Cyworld’s J-POP chart.

Younha’s new album broke the top-10 of the daily Oricon chart when it was released in Japan, with nine out of the total 13 songs having been featured in Japanese TV shows, games and movies as theme songs.

Source: KBS Global