Jo In Sung returns to the TV screen in two years as a cold-hearted detective

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Oct 4, 2006

Actor Jo In Sung is returning to the TV screen, 2 years after the 2005 SBS drama ‘Spring Days.’

A personnel of Jo In Sung’s agency Sydus commented, "The drama Jo In Sung will be starring in is based on a Japanese comic series and the license acquisition is currently in the final stage. Sydus HQ will be producing the series and the station to be aired is currently under negotiations."

The personnel also said, "The synopsis and scenario, cast, and crew are currently being decided upon and the filming will start in Spring 2007 in Korean and Japan."

In the series, Jo In Sung will play a detective that examines each case with a cold and cynical eye and will perform action scenes.

Meanwhile, this drama is planned to be aired not only in Korea, but also Japan, China, Taiwan, and other countries in the Asia region.

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