‘Winter Sonata,’ targets Japan with musical

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Oct 6, 2006


The drama ‘Winter Sonata’ starring Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji woo which gathered much popularity in Korean and Japan has been recreated into a musical and is being performed in Japan.

The ‘Musical Winter Sonata’ received a standing applause at the preview performance this past January at the Sapporo Snow Festival, and started the official tour with a press conference on June 26th at Tokyo’s Shinjuku Koma Theatre.

The ‘Musical Winter Sonata’ which opened on the 4th at the Koma Theatre will have 36 performances in Tokyo and 8 in Osaka.

Yoon Seok Ho that produced the drama served as the head art director of the ‘Musical Winter Sonata’ accompanied by the music director of ‘Myeong Seong Hwang Hoo’ and ‘Mamma Mia,’ Kim Moon Jeong, who together recreated a sad love story with heart filled melodies.

‘Musical Winter Sonata’ stars the popera singer Lim Tae Gyeong along with Lee Sang Hyeon, Park Hong Joo, Lim Kang Hee, Lee Pil Seung, Jini, Jin Bok Ja, Yang Joon Mo, and other musical actors.

‘Musical Winter Sonata’ is performed in Korean with a Korean staff and has the possibility of playing a role in introducing a new genre of the Hallyu Wave in Japan.

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