Competition to Cast Song Seung-heon Heats Up

2006-10-09 08:17:02 2010-11-24 11:05:47

Oct 9, 2006

Competition to cast actor Song Seung-heon, who will be released from military service in November, is heating up.

Song’s popularity skyrocketed in Japan and Southeast Asia for his roles in movies and TV dramas. Song began his military service in November 2004, but his popularity remained high after the release of the Chinese song entitled "I’m Not Song Seung-heon."

Song’s discharge from military service is said to be "like rain in the desert" for the showbiz community, which has been experiencing a dearth of stars due to their conscription into military service. The showbiz world can look forward to seeing a more mature Song after two years of service. Any productions for which the actor is cast are expected to be exported overseas for a good price.

A person from a TV drama production firm said the firm has been proactively making casting offers to Song because the first production he stars in after finishing his military service will draw significant attention.

The film industry is also attempting to cast Song, with several film production firms sending their film scripts to the actor.

Song’s agency is still determining the actor’s future acting plans. Song will hold a fan meeting shortly after his discharge from the military. His fans from Asian countries have already begun making flight reservations to attend the meeting.

Source: KBS Global