K-Pop Out in Full Force

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K-pop fans are certainly in for a treat this season. Joining Shin Seung-hun, a string of K-pop heavyweights are also readying for fall comebacks. Be on the lookout for the latest of the following artists.

-Rain: After three national releases, Rain last year took his show on the road, touring all of Asia, even making a stop in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. This year he unleashed two singles in Japan. Now he’s ready to make a comeback with his fourth album, which is coming out this Friday. However Rain won’t be here for long as he will be launching “Rain’s Coming” tour soon after.

-Kim Gun-mo: Kim is another singer who made his own mark on the early 90s K-pop scene with hits like “Chotinsang” and the phenomenal “Chalmottoenmannam.” Kim, who has sold over 10 million albums since his debut in 1992, is currently working with an all-star team that includes songwriter Yoon Il-sang and Hwang Chan-hee for his 11th album slated for a late October release.

-Lee Jae-hoon: Although many fans of the now disbanded dance group Cool still hope the trio will someday reunite it seems as though it won’t happen anytime soon with Lee coming out with a solo album. Not very much is known about the upcoming release except that it will be filled with ballads and dance tracks, both of which are Lee’s specialties and it will be out in stores sometime next month.

-Lena Park: Park’s recording efforts have never failed to please fans. Starting with the 1998 “Piece” and last year’s “On & On,” Park has continued to explore her musical identity. She continues on the quest with her sixth album, which is expected to hit shelves this fall.

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