Korean Singers to Hold Showcase in Shanghai

2006-10-17 08:08:31 2010-11-24 11:05:51

Oct 16, 2006

Twelve Korean singers and groups, including SG Wannabe, Fly to the Sky, Hwi-sung, Lee Min-woo and Jun Jin, will hold a showcase in Shanghai, China.

Organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Korea Culture and Content Agency, the showcase, entitled "Feel the K-POP in Shanghai," will take place November 3-4. Other performers will include Tony Ahn, Kim Hyun-chul, Kang Kyun-sung, V.O.S., Typhoon and Ha Dong-kyun.

The purpose of the showcase is to publicize Korean music in the Chinese-speaking region and pave the way for Korean artists’ advancement to China.

Some 300 Chinese music producers, representatives of record companies, media outlets and music experts are expected to attend a business consultation slated for November 3 in Shanghai to discuss cooperation with Korean music companies.

The showcase will be attended by Chinese music experts and some 8,000 fans of Korean pop. The 12 artists and groups that will perform at the showcase were selected by the Korea Culture and Content Agency in July.

The director of the agency said that so far Korean pop music has failed to establish business ties with the Chinese market despite its popularity in the Asian region, and that the event will hopefully produce positive business results by promoting partnerships between Korean and Chinese music companies.

Source: KBS Global