Exclusive $5 Off Coupon for Palace (Goong) DVD Set!

2006-10-20 22:41:16 2010-11-24 11:05:46

SOOMPI Goong Fans! It’s here!

YesAsia is releasing the official Region 1 English subtitled release of The Palace, aka Princess Hours, aka Goong from YA Entertainment!

If you’ve only heard about this phenomenon, now’s your chance to check it out. The Official SOOMPI Goong Threads have an astounding 40,925 posts between them, more than 10,000 posts more than it’s closest competitor (the Bi thread).

**THIS BOX SET INCLUDES SPECIAL FEATURES: "Palace 1.5," Cast Interviews, Bloopers, and Behind the Scenes Extras!**

Get your $5 off coupon for the 9 DVD Box Set exclusively from SOOMPI! Use the coupon code: PALACESOOMPI when you check out (expires 12/18/06).