BoA’s 20th Single Goes on Sale in Korea

2006-10-26 00:15:26 2010-11-24 11:05:55

Oct 23, 2006

Singer Boa’s 20th single album, recently released in Japan and entitled "Key of Heart," will go on sale in Korea October 25.

The album, which was released in Japan in August, gained popularity after it was featured as the theme song of the anime film "The Hedge," which BoA dubbed in both Korean and Japanese.

Written in the dance song genre, "Key of Heart" is about a key that connects the hearts of two people. The album also contains the song "Dotch," which was featured in a TV commercial for the Japanese cosmetics brand Kose Fasio.

In Korea, the album will include a DVD featuring a music video that was filmed in California, USA, as well as the English version of "Key of Heart" and a "road movie" about the album’s production.

Source: KBS Global