Glamour Couple Talk About New Simple Life Together

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Oct 26, 2006

The life of newlyweds No Hyun-jung and Chung Dae-sun, who caused a tabloid sensation as a coupling of star anchor and heir of a large conglomerate family, was recently opened to the public for the first time. The women’s monthly WomanSense runs a special, “60 Days of Newlywed Life” on its November edition. “You were expecting something different from the daughter-in-law of a Chebol family?” No is quoted as saying. “Actually, life as an announcer was more luxurious. Nowadays we both dress in sweats and spend our days studying and living the simple life.”

She says since she came to Boston, this was only the second time she had her clothes dry-cleaned. “Since I got married I’ve been wearing jeans and a T-shirt; it’s so comfortable.” The two exchanged simple (platinum) bands for their wedding rings, in another demonstration of their unceremonious nature. They are now living in Chung’s studio apartment near the University of Massachusetts. The drive is about 30-40 minutes from downtown Boston, where most Koreans in the area live, and it is a secluded place they chose to start their new life together. No says of her new life she just does “a little exercise, watch a couple of movies, and work really hard on my English.”

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