Picture Album of Choi Ji-woo to Go Mobile

2006-10-26 00:41:03 2010-11-24 11:05:57

Oct 24, 2006

Actor Choi Ji-woo, who has enjoyed rising popularity throughout Asia as well as Japan since the release of the KBS hit drama "Winter Sonata," will see her picture album serviced in Japan through i-mode, EZweb and Yahoo mobile phones starting from Nov. 6.

This is the first mobile service that will show pictures of Choi Ji-woo including those already published in her picture album "IF"–over which Japanese portal site Excite has an exclusive sales right–as well as unreleased video footage.

Containing pictures taken in eight major cities in three nations with a budget of over 3 million dollars, "IF" caused a sensation as soon as it was released. But the book was expensive for most people to easily afford; thus, the mobile service will provide an opportunity for more people to enjoy the book.

To mark the launch of the service, a free gift featuring the Korean actress’ personal autograph will be offered.

Source: KBS Global