Sung Si-kyung Sees Signs of Stardom in Japan

2006-10-26 03:57:30 2010-11-24 11:05:57

Oct 25, 2006

All tickets for singer Sung Si-kyung’s solo concert in Japan scheduled for November have sold out again after his first concert sold out there in March. The Korean singer will hold the “Live House Tour in Japan 2006” in Tokyo and Osaka from Nov. 25 through 29.

Kyoto Osaka, the Japanese agency in charge of Sung’s concert tour, said that it was very surprised because Sung had never officially engaged in any promotional activities through the media or otherwise.

"We are getting a barrage of calls from fans who are asking how they can get tickets, since all the tickets were sold out through advance and general sales," the agency said. "Fans with tickets will get to see top-notch performances, as Sung chose live concert halls equipped with best-quality acoustics and lighting for his concerts and is preparing to give fans exactly what they want."

Sung said that he is putting his heart and soul into preparing for the concerts in the belief that the only way to reward his fans’ devotion is to give his best performance.

In the concerts, he will sing songs from his newly-released fifth album and best-of album to be released in Japan on Nov. 22. The best-of album will include both Korean and Japanese versions of "Like the Season Returns," which he sang for the KBS drama "Spring Waltz," as well as his other hit songs.

Meanwhile, Sung will hold a concert tour in Korea in December after finishing his tour in Japan.

Source: KBS Global