Shin Seung-hun’s New Album Draws Attention Overseas

2006-10-29 04:18:51 2010-11-24 11:05:59

Oct 27, 2006

Shin Seung-hun’s recent 10th album "The Romanticist" is attracting attention overseas. Sedona Media, the distributor of the digital disc of Shin’s album, said Friday that it had received 30,000 advance orders for the album’s digital disc in Japan. The figure is three times as many as the local advance orders.

"Some 1,000 Japanese fans attended Shin’s concert in Seoul to celebrate the release of the 10th album, and we sold over 1,000 digital discs right at the concert," the company said. "We think that those fans have promoted the album in Japan through the grapevine. We are also getting a lot of calls from China asking about it."

The digital discs will go on sale in Japan and China in mid November.

Source: KBS Global