BoA’s New Single Shoots to Top of Japanese Charts

2006-11-08 16:54:30 2010-11-24 11:06:07

Nov 8, 2006

Asian superstar BoA once again occupies Japan’s Oricon Charts. Her 21st single “Winter Love” went on sale in Japan on Nov. 1 and has occupied the top spot on Oricon’s daily singles chart for three days straight since Nov. 4.

In the weeklies released Monday, she was second behind male duo Wat, but with early sales of 42,000 copies she was a mere 4,000 behind the boys. BoA has now been in the top 10 a whopping 17 times. As for her albums, she’s had five at the top of the weekly charts, including four regular albums and one best-of, making her the youngest singer in Japan to have five first place hits in a row.

When her next album comes out early next year, the charts are once again expected to light up. The single released on Nov. 1 also includes “Candle Light” and a remake of the classic “Last Christmas” by Wham on some early limited-edition copies.

Meanwhile, the singer, who turned 20 on Nov. 5, counts drinking and love as the two things she would like to give a try now she becomes an adult. Celebrating her birthday on stage at the Zepp Tokyo in the Odaiba district with some 2,700 fans, she relayed a message she had received from fellow singer Aya Matsuura, who turned 20 just four months earlier: “Now we can drink together,” it said. “I want to go to an old tavern to drink. And find a handsome guy to have a handsome love affair with.” At the last birthday of her teen years last year, BoA said, “I want to perform in the U.S.,” but a year later there was a more personal tone to her remarks.

At the Zepp on Dec. 7 the singer will be giving a Christmas special for the first time since she debuted five years ago.