New KTF Add Throws Political Correctness Overboard

2006-11-14 07:08:13 2010-11-24 11:06:10

Nov 13, 2006

Popular comedian Chung Jong-cheol, who was married last April, and new star Park Shin-hye nearly touched lips recently. In a TV spot for wireless carrier KTF’s "Bigi Study Rate Plan" the two shot a scene in which they were walking down the aisle in a marriage ceremony. They were a poorly matched pair. The ceremony has the heaviness of a funeral, with the bride Park and her father shedding tears. The reason behind the waterworks: the comedian’s intolerably ugly countenance.

Of particular hilarity is the wide smiling face of Chung in contrast to the tears of the bride and family. Right at the moment that the couple is to kiss, however, the bride can bear it no longer and collapses. In the end, Park is startled awake in a classroom where she had been snoozing, to find that it was all just a nightmare. The commercial ends with the beautiful Park having realized the moral that "by studying hard I can change the face of my husband."

The producers of the ad were worried that the storyline of the ad could stir trouble in the newly married life of the comedian. But Chung beat them to the punch saying, "So what this ad is saying is that my wife didn’t study hard enough when she was young" which caused everyone on set to burst into laughter.

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