Oh Yoon Ah’s wedding will be held at Imperial Palace Hotel on 1/5/2007

2006-11-21 22:42:09 2010-11-24 11:06:12

11/17/06 – Oh Yoon Ah (오윤아)’s wedding is scheduled to be held at “Imperial Palace Hotel (임피리얼팰리스호텔)” on 1/5/2007.  The bridegroom-to-be is a senior entrepreneur specializing in marketing. 

They were introduced to each other by a friend early this year.  After a few months’ dating, they decided to get married two months ago.  In an interview broadcasted by a cable channel in May, OYA revealed, “I date with my boyfriend on shiny days.”  Recently, she has been quite active in entertainment world.  She states that she will continue her career as an entertainer after she got married.