Huang Soo Jung is selected to lead the SBS drama “Salt Doll (소금인형)”

2006-11-27 04:10:58 2010-11-24 11:06:12

11/24/06 – Huang Soo Jung (황수정, 34) is selected to lead the Friday drama “Salt Doll (소금인형)” scheduled to be aired by SBS on 1/5/2007.  She plays a wife devoted to her disordered husband.  Actor Kim Young Ho (김영호) plays her husband and actor Kim Yoo Suk (김유석) plays her first love who is the second generation of the owner of a large finance company.  The drama is produced by “Shinyoung ENC (신영이엔씨)”. 

The representative of her agency states, “Hwang Soo Jung has received many love calls recently after her drama ‘Huh Joon (허준)’ was broadcasted again in both China and Japan.  During the past five years, she has been self-disciplined.  She’d like to start her new entermainment career with matured performance.”