Lee Hyun Woo performs in the KBS2 drama “Oh Dal Ja’s Spring (오달자의 봄)”

2006-12-07 20:21:51 2010-11-24 11:06:15

12/4/06 – Lee Hyun Woo will costar with Chae Rim and Lee Min Gi in the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Oh Dal Ja’s Spring” scheduled to be aired by KBS2 on 1/3/06.  He plays the role Uhm Gi Joong (엄기중) who is the love rival of Lee Min Gi’s role Tae Bong (태봉). 

Uhm Gi Joong is the representative of importation of named brand merchandises.  He is a man in 30s having important position against Tae Bong who is a young man in 20s.  Actress Lee Hye young plays Dal Ja’s rival Sun Joo (선주) who is also a spinster over 30s.  Supprting cast includes Gong Hyung Jin, Kim Na Woon, and Kim Young Ok.