JunJin admitted to Hospital with Pneumonia

2006-12-15 14:48:31 2010-11-24 11:06:17

Park JunJin (Shinhwa) was taken to a hospital in KangNam by his manager on the morning of Dec 15 when he was unable to get up from his bed. The night before, he had performed at the Golden  Disc Awards, but had fainted in the waiting room shortly afterwards. He had been complaining of feeling cold during the show.

Friends have said he had complained of feeling unwell and tired in the last two weeks, but had put it down to the packed schedule of solo activities. Indeed, after the fainting incident he had gone to the hospital and received an injection before being discharged. He had refused a more thorough checkup, preferring to push on with his schedule.

In a statement issued by GoodEnt, his condition was described as ‘safe’ , and his family are with him to look after him at the hospital. A member of GoodEnt staff is reported to have expressed the opinion that the packed schedule may have weakened him.

Doctors have recommended that he rest at least a week to ensure a good recovery, so live performances on Dec 16 and 17 (Music Camp and Inkigayo) look set to be cancelled. The Friday broadcasting show Kiss the Radio "JunJin & Eddie’s honor" section has already been dropped from the schedule.

written by: saharial
src: goodemg, mydaily.com

edited by Aziraphale