Kim Hee Ae leads the drama “Unfortunate Mrs. Lee Bang Ja (비운의 이방자 여사)”

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12/13/06 – On 12/13, the production company “Samhwa Production (삼화프로덕션)” announces that Kim Hee Ae will lead the drama “Unfortunate Mrs. Lee Bang Ja (비운의 이방자 여사)” scheduled to be aired in the first half of 2007.  KHA plays the heroine Lee Bang Ja (이방자, 李方子) who is the wife of the last prince Lee Eun (이은, 李垠) of the Chosun Era around 1920.  This drama portrays the biography of Lee Bang Ja who defended the dignity as a queen of Korea. 

Lee Bang Ja was born in Japan and then was married to Lee Eun in Japan.  They returned to Korea in 1962.  Afterwards, Lee Bang Ja had been devoted to social welfare programs to help handicapped children until she passed away in 1989.

Kim Hee Ae is selected by the production company due to her capability of presenting the features of the mother of the nation (국모, 國母) in front of TV viewers.  The script writer is Jung Ha Yun (정하연) who wrote for “Empress Myung Sung” and “Shindon”.  Currently, the production company is negotiating with the broadcasting companies.  The plan is to announce the broadcasting TV station in January.