Lee Chan and Lee Min Young ended their 12-day marriage on 12/22

2006-12-30 04:09:08 2010-11-24 11:06:20

12/29/06 – Twelve days after they got married on 12/10, Lee Chan and Lee Min Young decided to separate on 12/22.  Since they haven’t done the marriage registration, they didn’t need to go through any legal procedure to end their marriage. 

A person close to both of them states, “During the honeymoon, their relationships got worse due to irreconcilable differences.  Before the wedding, they had some quarrels over the process of wedding preparation and house problem.  After they came back from honeymoon, they severely argued over interior design of the house.”  A source close to Lee Min Young says that LMY is currently staying at home and doesn’t want to see anyone after this big impact.  In the meantime, she has terminated her contract with her agency. 

On the other hand, Lee Chan has been participating in the filming of his current drama “Snowflake (SBS)”as usual, and his colleagues are not aware that he has ended his marriage with LMY.  Viewers of the drama are astonished by the news.  Many internet portal sites record the search for the topic “Lee Chan-Lee Min Young Couple’s Separation (이찬-이민영 커플 파경)” at the 1st place, which shows that people are flabbergasted by this couple’s separation.