Gong Hyo Jin and Jang Hyuk lead the MBC drama “There We Were (우리들이 있었다)”

2007-01-11 23:01:57 2010-11-24 11:06:22

1/10/07 – Gong Hyo Jin (공효진, 27) and Jang Hyuk (장혁, 31) are selected to lead the Wednesday-Thursday human drama “There We Were (우리들이 있었다)” scheduled to be aired by MBC in March. 

GHJ plays the role Lee Young Shin (이영신) whose child contracts the disease AIDS. Although her life is difficult, she lives it optimistically. JH plays an overbearing and haughty doctor Min Gi Suh (민기서).  They meet and then fall in love which changes their lives.  JH states, “I’m really glad to meet viewers again through this TV drama.”

The PD is Lee Jae Dong (이재동) who directed the dramas “Red Bean Bread” and “Our Stance of Parting”.  The script writer is Lee Kyung Hee (이경희) who wrote for “Let’s Go to School, Sangdoo (2003)”, “I’m Sorry; I Love You (2004)”, and “A Love to Kill (2005)”.