Daniel Henney’s new movie “My Father (마이 파더)”

2007-01-17 01:21:52 2010-11-24 11:06:23

1/15/07 – The filming of Daniel Henney’s new movie “My Father (마이 파더)” starts.  This movie portrays that an adoptee looks for his real parents and then meets his father who is a condemned criminal.

DH plays the role James (제임스) who is an adoptee volunteering in the U.S. armed forces in Korea.  He states, “I would use my personal experience of living in USA to naturally present the emotion of an adoptee growing up in an unacquainted place.”

Actor Kim Young Chul (김영철) plays the role of James’ father.  The director is Hwang Dong Hyuk (황동혁) whose debut was the movie “Miracle Mile (미라클 마일)” of 2004.