Lee Jung Jae leads the movie “Legend of Flying Dragon (비룡전, 飛龍傳)”

2007-01-17 05:24:14 2010-11-24 11:06:23

1/16/07 – Lee Jung Jae (34) is selected to lead the movie “Legend of Flying Dragon (비룡전, 飛龍傳)”.  This movie is based on Japanese popular play “The First Class Revolution – Legend of Flying Dragon (초급혁명강좌 비룡전)”, and it will be debuted simultaneously in both Korea and Japan.

LJJ plays the role Sang Soo (상수) who is a simple-minded policeman involved in the violent student movement happened in 1980s. Since LJJ has been selected to lead the MBC drama “Air City”, the production companies of “Legend of Flying Dragon” and “Air City” agree to resolve the conflict of LJJ’s filming schedules.  Actress Choi Ji Woo is selected to costar with LJJ in “Air City”.  LJJ’s previous movie project was “Typhoon”.