Lee Dong Gun, Lee Hyo Ri, and Jung Joon Ho lead the TV Mnet 2-episode drama “Perhaps Love (사랑한다면 이들처럼)”

2007-01-31 04:03:42 2010-11-24 11:06:26

1/31/07 – Lee Dong Gun and Jung Joon Ho will costar with Lee Hyo Ri in the 2-episode (1-Act) drama “Perhaps Love (사랑한다면 이들처럼)” scheduled to be aired by cable channel "TV Mnet" around the end of February. 

LDG plays the role Jung Tae (정태) who manages activities for a rookie singer played by Lee Hyo Ri.  The roles played by LDG and JJH fall in love with the heroine.

The production cost of this drama is around 5 billion Won.  Other actors including Lee Bum Soo, Ha Suk Jin, Jung Eun Taek and Jung Chul (이범수, 하석진, 정운택, 정철) will also act in this drama.  The filming is scheduled to start on 2/3 near Seoul and would last for 20 days.  The PD is Cha Eun Taek (차은택) who has collaborated with LHR in CFs such as “Any Motion” and “Any Club”.  LDG’s previous drama was “Smile Again (2006)”, and LHR’s was “Three Leaf Clover (2005)”.