Go So Young and Park Jung Chul lead the SBS drama “Green Fish (푸른 물고기)”

2007-03-06 08:46:49 2010-11-24 11:06:34

Go So Young (고소영)’s agency finally confirms that GSY agrees to lead the weekend drama "Green Fish (푸른 물고기)" scheduled to be aired by SBS on 4/7 following the final episode of “Crazy for You”. Her partner in the drama is Park Jung Chul (박정철) who completed his military service on 1/28.

Go So Young

GSY, PJC, the PD Kim Soo Ryong (김수룡), and the filming crew are scheduled leave for Australia on 3/6. They will stay there to film for 8 days and then return to Korea on 3/14. This drama portrays that the main male character and the heroine reunite after they separated many years ago due to problems existing between their families. The story is like “Romeo and Juliet”. GSY plays the role Jung Eun Soo (정은수) who is a violinist and PJC plays the role Park Dong Hyuk (박동혁) who is a automobile designer.

Park Jung Chul