Son Yeh Jin and Kim Myung Min lead the movie “Open City (무방비도시)”

2007-07-17 04:28:43 2010-11-24 11:06:49

7/16/07 – Son Yeh Jin and Kim Myung Min are selected to lead the movie “Open City (무방비도시)”.

Son Yeh Jin, Kim Myung Min

In this movie, SYJ plays the role “White Rose (백장미)” who is the boss of an international organization of pickpockets. “White Rose” uses her sexy and charming power to control men sacrificing for her assigned missions. KMM plays the detective Jo Dae Young (조대영) working for the investigation unit to catch “White Rose”.

The representative of the production company “Samji Iverson Media Enterprise (쌈지아이비젼영상사업단)” states, “In order to present the real image of an immoral boss of pickpockets, Son Yeh Jin is currently receiving special training of actions.” The filming is scheduled to start around the end of July. SYJ’s previous drama was “Period of Love aka Lost in Love (SBS)”. KMM’s latest drama as “White Giant Tower (MBC)”.