The wedding of top star Kim Hee Sun is scheduled on 10/19

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7/23/07 – The wedding of top star Kim Hee Sun (30) and Park Joo Young (박주영, 33) will be held on 10/19 at Ashton House Garden of “Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel (쉐라톤워커힐 호텔)”. Family members, relatives, and friends are invited.

Kim Hee Sun Wedding

Park Joo Young is the second son of Park Sung Gwan (박성관) who is the CEO of the construction company “Raksang Group (락산그룹)” in the business of Raksang Housing and Entertainment enterprise. Park Joo Young graduated from Yonsei University Law School and runs a beauty care shop “Aesthetic (에스테틱)” now. He is a young business man with bright and good-looking appearance.

KHS and PSG met around the end of last year. In May of this year, KHS revealed in her homepage about her dating a man. They visit each other’s parents recently and then nail down the wedding date and time.

KHS’s last project was the movie “The Myth”. The production of her new drama “Haeuhwa – Beautiful Woman (해어화, 解語花)” has been delayed. Since she will get married soon, she probably won’t appear in front of the filming camera for a while.