SBS will air the Friday drama “Bichunmoo (비천무, 飛天舞)” starring Joo Jin Mo and Park Ji Yoon on 1/18/2008

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9/1/07 – SBS announces that the broadcasting date of the drama “Bichunmoo (비천무, 飛天舞)” starring Joo Jin Mo and Park Ji Yoon (주진모, 박지윤) will be on 1/18/2008. The drama was produced in November of 2004. After almost 4 years, it is finally selected by SBS to be aired as the Friday drama.

Park Ji Yoon, Joo Jin Mo

Originally, the length of the drama was 24 episodes. SBS did some compression editing, and will broadcast 14 episodes with 70 minutes per episode instead. This Korea-China collaborated action drama, adapted from a comics authored by Kim Hye Rin (김혜린), was co-produced by “Eight Pix (에이트픽스)” and “Jongbo International (중보국제)” with production cost around 6.3 billion Won.

Kim Young Sup (김영섭), the responsible producer at SBS, states, “After the drama was completed, it ensue some criticisms. There were various opinions as to if this drama should be broadcasted or not. However, since this drama was produced with high cost and has good quality and precious contents, we decide to air this drama early next year.”

This drama was broadcasted earlier this year in February in China by “Guangdong Joojang TV (광둥주장TV)” and scored stable TV ratings.