Song Il Kook’s wedding is scheduled in Spring; Jang Hyuk’s wedding will be held on 6/2

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1/11/08 – Song Il Kook (37)’s wedding will be held at "Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel (쉐라톤 워커힐 호텔)" during Spring, probably in mid March/April.

Song Il Kook

The bride-to-be Miss "A" is currently preparing to become a lawyer. They met each other in 2006 when SIK was filming the drama "Joo Mong". Then, they started dating while the bride-to-be was studying law in a law institute. For the time being, SIK just completed the drama "The Lobbyist" and is taking a break now.


Actress Yum Jung Ah (염정아, 34) just had her baby girl delivered on 1/4 and became a mother. The baby weighs 3.5kg, and both the mother and baby are in healthy condition. YJA was married on 12/30/2006 at "Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel". Her husband Huh Il (허일) is an orthopedics specialist. YJA’s latest movie was "Oh! My Man ( 생애 최악의 남자)" of 2007.


Yum Jung Ah


Jang Hyuk (장혁, 31)’s wedding will be held on 6/2. The bride-to-be is Kim Yu Jin (김여진, 33) who is two years older than JH. They met in 2002 when JH learned Pilates dance from Kim Yu Jin . After they have been dating for 5 years, they were engaged in June of 2007. Currently Kim Yu Jin is 8-month pregnant with JH’s baby, and the baby will be due in February. They name the baby "Tae Hee (태희)". JH’s new drama "Gang of Robbers (불한당)" is aired by SBS on Wednesday and Thursday.


Jang Hyuk