Jo In Sung, Joo Jin Mo, and Song Ji Hyo lead the new movie “Two Flowers Shop (쌍화점, 雙花店)”

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1/15/2008 – Actors Jo In Sung (조인성, 26), Joo Jin Mo (주진모, 33), and actress Song Ji Hyo (송지효, 27) will costar in the new movie "Two Flowers Shop (쌍화점, 雙花店)".


This movie portrays a homosexual story happened around the end of Koryu (고려) Kingdom governed by Yuan Dynasty of China. The King was very ambitious to expand the territory of Koryu and he also established an organization called "Kun Ryung Guards (건룡위)" formed by 36 handsome young men as his bodyguards. At the same time, he and the queen of Yuan Dynasty developed love and betrayal relationships.

JJM plays the young King who wants to fortify his throne and JIS plays the role Hong Rim (홍림) who is a warrior protecting the safety of the King. These two characters form homosexual love relationship in the movie. SJH plays the queen of Yuan Dynasty. Currently, the selection of actors playing the other 35 good-looking young men is underway. The filming is scheduled to start in April.

This movie is directed by Yoo Ha (유하) whose previous works include "Dirty Carnival" and "Marriage". JJM recently led two popular movies "S Line (미녀는 괴로워, 2006)" and "Sarang (2007)". JIS collaborated with Yoo Ha in his latest movie "Dirty Carnival". SJH’s new movie "Sex Zero 2 (색즉시공 시즌 2)" attracted more than 2 millions moviegoers.


Song Ji Hyo:

Song Ji Hyo