Bae Jong Ok, Kim Min Jong, Son Chang Min, and Han Go Eun lead the MBC drama “The Unique Park Jung Geum (천하일색 박정금)”

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1/18/08 — Bae Jong Ok (배종옥), Kim Min Jong (김민종), Son Chang Min (손창민), and Han Go Eun (한고은), will lead the weekend drama "The Unique Park Jung Geum (천하일색 박정금)" scheduled to be aired by MBC on 2/2, following the final episode of "깍두기 (Cubed)".


The Unique Park Jung Geum

This drama portrays the detective Park Jung Geum (박정금), a married woman who sometime is uncontrollable and shameless. After she got married, she divorced and then is thinking about marrying again. She sometimes has to reach compromises with her family. Actress Bae Jong Ok is chosen to play this main character.

Actress Han Go Eun plays the role Sa Gong Yoo Ra (사공유라) who is beautiful, proud, and desires true love. She is engaged to the attorney Han Kyung Soo (한경수) played by Kim Min Jong, but then Kyung Soo and Park Jung Geum fall in love with each other. Son Chang Min plays the character Bae Yong Joon (배용준), an eye doctor who knew Park Jung Geum since elementary school and is attracted by her.

The PD of this drama is Lee Hyung Sun (이형선) whose previous works include "Near Me ( 곁에 있어)" and "Golden Wagon (황금마차)". The script writer is Ha Chung Ok (하청옥) who wrote for the dramas "Little Women (작은 아씨들)" and "I Go (나도야 간다)". KMJ’s latest drama was "Hyena" broadcasted by the cable channel TvN. Han Go Eun finished her recent drama "Capital Scandal" 6 months ago.