If you’re making a comeback, do it in 6 years!

2008-01-21 15:26:43 2010-11-24 11:08:13

From left to right: Toy, Yangpa, Park Jin Young

pictures credit: naver.com

"If you’re going to make a comeback, do it after 6 years!" Or so the saying goes, considering the success of artists who returned in 2007. Yangpa, Park Jin-young and Toy all made comebacks after 6 years and experienced huge success. Yangpa arrived on the scene last May and her song, "Love? What’s That?" was a hit. Park Jin-young returned to fans not as a producer, but a singer with his 7th album. "That House You Live In" and "Kiss" are doing really well. Also, Toy returned with a 6th album – "Passionate Goodbye" – and is enjoying explosive popularity. We hope these returning artists, whose major success puts to shame their time off, continue to shake up the music biz!