The Worst Guy Ever

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The Worst Guy Ever

Yeom Jeong-A, Tak Jae-Hun, Yun Ji-Min, Shin Seong-Rok, Jo Hee-Bong
Directed by:
Son Hyeon-Hee
Written by:
Kim Su-Ah
Comedy, Romance
August 30, 2007
94 mins
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Ju-eyon and Seong-tae have been best friends ever since they first met each other 10 years ago. But in one night their 10 year friendship comes crashing to the ground after they sleep together. The comfort and security of marriage is a siren call, and the two decide to forego their ideals to spend their first day as man and wife. However, their perfect lover soon appears right in front of them: A sexy editor appears to seduce Seong-tae and an advertising director appears to tempt Ju-yeon. With a single smile they turn the newlyweds’ dream into a nightmare. Even after only a few days, they soon find themselves faced with the worst choice of their lives as they struggle to reach happiness.



Cute, clever, romantic, and funny.
Nothing strenous and just plain good fun, that’s what we should expect from these kind of movies. Especially one that is trying to answer the age old question, “Is it possible to have a female (or male) best friend without falling in love?” One of the many secrets of this world…*sigh*
ANYWAYS, the cameo appearances of Shin Hyeon-joon (½ÅÇöÁØ), Kim Seon-ah (±è¼±¾Æ), Shin-ee (½ÅÀÌ), and Kim Kwang-gyoo (±è±¤±Ô) were well timed and it seemed like they had fun as well. I laughed at plenty of parts, and the dialog was witty and funny without getting too trite or cliched.  In fact there’s a lot of great scenes in this movie, that are well written and has some clever character interactions.
For those pure romance lovers out there though you might be a bit disappointed as this is more of an “opposites attract” type of relationship rather than the more typical romance you come to expect in Korean films.  Nonetheless, one could point out that this kind of relationship appears more “real” and down to earth…certainly something that might strike the chord of the audience.  Either way, this is a fun movie, and a good watch…i feel like some YOGA!  (just kidding)