Lee Yo Won and Lee Jung Hyun each finally graduates with a bachelor’s degree

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2/21/08 – Lee Yo Won (이요원, 27) and Lee Jung Hyun (이정현, 28) each finally graduates with a bachelor’s degree. They recently attended the graduation ceremonies after 9 years when they initially enrolled in their respective universities.

Lee Yo Won, Lee Jung Hyun


Actress Lee Yo Won attended the graduation ceremony held at the Jookchun campus of Dankook University (단국대학교 죽전캠퍼스) on 2/15. In 1999, she was admitted to the Theater and Film Department (연극영화과) of Dankook University. Afterwards, she has been busy in her acting career including performing in well known dramas such as "Gokji (꼭지)","Fashion 70s", and "Surgeon Bong Dal Hee". She was married to pro golfer Park Jin Woo (박진우) in January of 2003. Her latest drama is "Cruel Love (KBS2)" costarring with Kwon Sang Woo.






Singer/actress Lee Jung Hyun attends her graduation ceremony held at Chung-Ang University (중앙대학교) on 2/21. In 1998, she was admitted to the university’s Film Department (영화과). Currently, she performs in the KBS1 historical drama "Sejong The Great King (대왕세종)" costarring with Kim Sang Kyung and Lee Yoon Ji.




In addition to LYW and LJH, there are many entertainers taking more than 4 years to graduate from colleges. For example, singer Ivy (아이비) will graduate on 2/22 though she was admitted to college in 2001; singer/actress/MC Lee Hyo Ri (이효리) graduated in 2006 as she was initially admitted to college in 1998. Due to schedules conflicts between entertainment activities and school activities, it is difficult for many actors and actresses to attend classes during filming either dramas or movies, which sometimes going through sleepless nights. Similarly, singers could not attend schools regularly while they are preparing albums and related activities. Thus, their graduations from colleges are subsequently delayed.

In some cases, due to busy entertainment activities, entertainers have to withdraw from colleges once in a while due to insufficient days of attendance. For example, actor Jo In Sung (조인성) had to withdraw from Dongguk University (동국대) and singer Nam Gyoo Ri (남규리) of the music group Seeya (씨야) withdrew from Myongji University.

For most entertainers, it is difficult to undertake parallel entertainment and school activities. Moreover, it is not easy to resume attending classes in college after being absent from school for quite some time. It takes time for them to adjust to college life again. It is great for LYW and LJH to graduate from colleges after 9 years from the date they got their admissions to their respective universities.


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Movie star/director Yoo Ji Tae (유지태) graduates with a master degree from Chung-Ang University (중앙대학교) on 2/22.  His girlfriend actress Kim Hyo Jin (김효진) accompanies him and attends the graduation ceremony.  Currently, Kim Hyo Jin is leading SBS new weekend drama "Happiness (행복합니다)".

 Yoo Ji Tae, Kim Hyo Jin