Ji Jin Hee and Son Yeh Jin lead the MBC drama “Spotlight (스포트라이트)”

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3/7/08 — Ji Jin Hee and Son Yeh Jin (지진희, 손예진) will lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Spotlight (스포트라이트)" scheduled to be aired by MBC in early May, following the final episode of "Who Is It?"



This drama focuses on the professional job of reporters working for news agencies and TV stations. In this drama, JJH plays the role Oh Tae Suk (오태석) who works for a news agency as a journalist reporting news with regard to society. To prepare for this character, JJH has been visiting MBC’s News Desk program as well as asking reporters many questions about their jobs and lives. SYJ plays the role Suh Woo Jin (서우진) who is a news anchor of a TV station.

The PD is Kim Do Hoon (김도훈), and the script writer Lee Gi Won (이기원) wrote for the drama "White Giant Tower (MBC, 2007)". The supporting cast includes Jo Yoon Hee, Kim Bo Kyung, Lee Gi Yul, and Ahn Suk Hwan (조윤희, 김보경, 이기열, 안석환).



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