There Will Be Blood

2008-04-13 10:15:15 2010-11-24 11:09:18

I just saw this film, and i have to say overall i thought it quite excellent. Really all this film is about is pretty much an Academy Award Winning performance by Daniel Day-Lewis playing the part of the driven, passionate, and bit crazy Daniel Plainview. The music was probably the most surprising thing as it was a bit eerie or ethereal…almost as if they had been watching a lot of Stanley Kubrik films…maybe Space Odessey? While the movie certainly had a bit of an abrupt ending we definitely could tell how quickly Plainview was spiraling into psychosis and insanity…although most of the character’s and how they exchanged words seemed a bit odd to me, although probably purposely. In fact it seemed the only "normal" person (or as far as natural acting) was the shipping representative…ironic. It’s quite obvious that there are plenty of deeper issues that this film is really trying to communicate, but for most people they probalby won’t get it. Ah well, this film is entertaining nonetheless.